Why You Shouldn't Hire a PPC Agency, or PPC Ads Manager (Yet)

Uncategorized May 21, 2021

Should You Hire a PPC Agency, or PPC Ads Manager to Set-up & Run All Your PPC Campaigns for You?

In theory, the decision to outsource all your PPC campaigns sounds like a great one! Why not hire someone to set-up and manage all your PPC for you? It would free up so much time, and really be the easiest solution. Versus having to learn all about PPC yourself, and spend hours and hours trying to make some PPC magic happen! 

But after working with hundreds of different Sellers, products selling in all different kinds Categories, and after reviewing hundreds of seller accounts, & PPC campaigns; I have yet to see (1) time where the outsourcing of PPC (completely) to an automation software, or PPC agency, ever ended well. 

Usually they just do ok...  Or worse, they do a really bad job. 

One lovely day about a month ago or so, I was on a Coaching call helping someone to optimize His listing, boost the product's organic keyword ranking, and review and optimize all His PPC campaigns, we went over to Campaign Manager, (to see all His active and inactive PPC ads) I was shocked to discover that this "PPC Agency or so-called Agency" He had hired had spent over $2,500 in less than 1 month! And what was the result> it produced very, very little sales or returns. The results of that PPC agency/ Company were shocking, but it was not an isolated case.

Unfortunately, I see this type of thing all the time. New Sellers, and even existing Sellers think the best move is to outsource their PPC campaigns and management to an overseas (inexperienced) V.A. (virtual assistant), or just hire a PPC agency to manage it. It just rarely, rarely works.

Yes, there are some great softwares and PPC experts out there that can help, but nobody cares about your bottom line, or knows your product better than you do! 💯

There are dozens of PPC companies and softwares out there that I have first hand knowledge of exactly how they work out for the seller and product.. 

📌 So what would I suggest?

  1. Study and learn PPC yourself first. Try to learn  as much as you can and then PRACTICE!!
  2. PPC Automation software - I use Helium 10 'Adtomic' tool to help me automate managing all my campaigns. 

I really like using 'Adtomic' the best. With your Helium 10 'Platinum plan' you actually already have access to this PPC automation software. And with the 'Diamond plan', it unlocks even more features with in it.

PPC automation softwares are not an "end all, be all" solution for driving tons of sales, and getting you extremely low ACOS. Even when using Adtomic - you have to have a good understanding of how Amazon PPC works, what filters and configurations to set; Like what's a good target ACOS %, how to find and identify the best search terms, ASINS, and how to 'negative target' the right Keywords or ASINS that waste money.

*At the end of the day - It’s on you to know what to do, what filters/ configurations/ settings to set, and how to optimize the campaigns that are performing the best and worse. 

Once you learn at least 85% of the whole Amazon PPC process, and you have a good grasp on using it to drive sales > of course you can hire a Freelancer or V.A. to help you.  Someone who can work under you and you can teach them, but have them eventually take over. 

So what should you do if you are struggling with Amazon Sponsored Products (PPC)?

1. Join the best Amazon Facebook Groups (with 1,000 members or more) and ask questions there, watch, listen and learn, then go practice!

There are even Facebook Groups just for Learning Amazon PPC. Try searching and finding these communities. (Or feel free to reach out to Me, and I can recommend a few).

2. Learn and Practice It! You can learn through Helium 10's Freedom Ticket, Serious Sellers Podcast, Youtube channels that cover PPC in-depth (I will link 1 of my latest PPC videos below), and through other trainings like Amazon Seller University (it's right in your Seller central account).

3. Hire a Coach or PPC Expert - Someone who will meet with you over Zoom calls and walk you through setting up and optimizing all your PPC campaigns.

*I am available if you need Me for these Zoom Coaching calls. You can book those Zoom calls here: www.Calendly.com/Briancoaching


Thanks for reading!

Your Coach & Mentor,

Brian Noonan


Amazon PPC For Beginners (Video 1): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cK8RqzdPlsA&t=244s


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