Finally an Amazon Coach Who Actually Coaches You 1-ON-1 and Doesn't Just Sell a Course!

Get Real Mentorship:

✔️ Help Finding and Launching Your First Product

✔️ (6) Zoom video calls with Your Mentor. (1) Call Every Single WeekNOT just Group Calls Like 99% of Courses Out There

✔️ Unlimited Mentorship Get 6-Weeks of Step-by-Step Coaching From Brian via Zoom, Messenger, Text, and Email

✔️ Finally a Coach Who Actually Coaches, Doesn't Just Sell You Videos to Watch on Your Own!




Due To The Individual Attention Each Student Receives, There Is a Limited Amount Of Students Brian Can Take On At Any Time - Most Students Require Lots of Training And 1-On-1 Mentorship Leaving Very Few Openings For The Program.

If This Page Is Online Right Now, Then A Few Spots Are Available...

Get Help For All The Hard Things

  • Product Research: The best & latest methods to find extremely profitable Amazon products to build your brand
  • Brand Building: The most profitable strategy to build a long-term, sustainable Amazon business and brand
  • How to setup & manage your amazon seller account
  • How to run super profitable PPC campaigns, with the latest strategies
  • How to use Influencers to promote your Amazon product and make tons more money
  • How I create beautiful Amazon listings that SELL and OBLITERATE the competition
  • How to SCALE your business to $1,000,000/Year
  • How to properly launch your product and rank it #1 for multiple keywords and STAY on the 1st page

When You Join The Amazon FBA 6-Week Mentorship Program You Get Instant and 

Lifetime Access To:

12+ Hours Of Step By Step Training (Valued at $1,997

The Mentorship program has video training that covers EVERY aspect of building an Amazon Business. This is almost a plug & play formula with enough success stories to back it up.

From creating a company, setting up your Seller account, to dealing with taxes, & finding an amazingly profitable product, sourcing from the most reputable suppliers, launching your Brand, creating profitable PPC campaigns, marketing, scaling and beyond... there is no stone left unturned, this course has everything covered.

Weekly Zoom Calls With Brian, NOT just Group Calls! (Valued at $1,997)


If you've worked with Brian directly, you know he currently charges $200+ Per Hour for 1 on 1 help. With the Mentorship program, you'll be able to talk directly with Brian One-On-One on private weekly Zoom calls.

During these Zoom calls Brian personally teaches you and guides you from week #1 - How to find products, setting up your new Business and Seller Account, to creating the listing, all the way until week #6 of launching your product and running super PROFITABLE PPC ads!  

(6) Zoom Calls INCLUDED! 

Private Facebook Community (Valued at $497)

Connect with other Students' of Brian's Mentorship and Other experienced Amazon Sellers in this private & exclusive Facebook Group. 

Brian is in there everyday helping out and going LIVE frequently!

Exclusive Scripts, Cheat Sheets, Templates, ChatBot Sequences & More (Valued at $991)

These are PROVEN. From sourcing and negotiation templates and scripts to Plug & Play Product Research Checklists, these tried and tested scripts, cheat sheets and templates are guaranteed to save you time & money

Beginner ➖ Advanced PPC Strategies (Valued at $497)

Learn how to jump start your product's sales from day 1!

Whether You are a complete beginner or familiar with running Amazon PPC ads, Brian will teach You strategies that will lower your ACOS% by 30% or more and result in You making WAY MORE PROFITS FASTER!


Why Brian's Mentorship

300+ Happy Student's


55+ Jobs Quit



NOT Just Group Calls!

Join Brian's Mentorship Program Today!



There are currently 39.6% of Amazon sellers that are making over $100,000 a YEAR or more on Amazon.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON you cannot join the ranks of those sellers and make 6 figures or multiple 6 figures on Amazon a year.

Seriously, WHAT is stopping YOU from making $100,000/Year on Amazon if there are 800,000 sellers ALREADY doing it right NOW!?


I just got this message from one of My Student's in the Mentorship Program. I LOVE THESE MESSAGES!!!

Greg and I found this product together and with ONLY selling THIS 1 PRODUCT - He is well on the way to making $100K per year! That's just 1 of His many Amazon products.

Brian will Teach YOU, Mentor YOU, Guide YOU how to find and sell these same types of products!

2 Weeks Into Staring Amazon FBA

Matt Sold 140 units in ONE DAY! His product sells for about $30, with a profit margin of about 40%. That means He made roughly $1,000+ IN PROFIT that day!

Matt had no previous experience with Amazon or starting a Business before joining and working with Brian One-On-One.


“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't so you can spend the rest of your life like most people cant.”

- Warren G.



✔️ Product Research: The latest and greatest strategies to finding profitable products for long term success.

✔️ Spotting The Perfect Product: Exactly what to look for so you don't miss that home run product.

✔️ How to find the best and most trustworthy suppliers: and how to negotiate with them to get the lowest prices and the highest quality product

✔️ How to spot bad suppliers & most importantly RED FLAGS to look out for when dealing with Chinese and foreign suppliers

✔️ Exactly what to say to suppliers and proven negotiation tactics

✔️ How to automate your Business and get your supplier to ship you product DIRECTLY to Amazon warehouses

✔️ Strategies I personally use to create captivating listings that SELL and DOMINATE the market from Day 1

✔️ Most effective way to get your initial reviews FAST and little known trick to keep them from being removed

✔️ How to successfully launch your product to page 1 with the Secret:

✔️ Little Known launching strategy

✔️ The best way to build out your Brand for maximum profit and long-term success, & sustainable growth

✔️ How to run extremely profitable PPC

✔️ PPC campaigns with the latest strategies that 7-figure sellers use

✔️ Tools & Software I personally use to scale my Amazon Fba Business

✔️ How to use other sellers storefronts to ethically steal their best selling products

✔️ How to run Facebook Ads to take your Amazon Business to that next level

✔️ How to use Instagram Influencers to promote your product and explode your sales

✔️ How to get back thousands of dollars that Amazon owes you from returns

✔️ How to hire professional Virtual Assistants (VA's) to automate and scale your business the right way

✔️ Latest rapid growth strategies to scale your business to $1,000,000 and beyond


You will NOT find this amount of One-On-One Mentorship and Personal Coaching from ANY other Course out there... Especially for this price!

The Reality Of Most "Courses"

I can remember just starting out learning about Amazon FBA and watching Youtube videos. I wanted so badly to just earn some money Online. All I wanted was to make as much as I was making at my current job, $2,000-$3,000 per month. I quickly realized all these Guys and Gals offering help on Youtube were really making those videos with 1 main mission: to sell you their course.

You see courses from 99% of people Online are a "set it and forget it" income source. They don't provide real Mentorship, and they have NO IDEA who enrolls in their course. And they charge so damn much money. 

I personally know this, and have worked with People who have spent $1,000, $2,000, even $5,000 on another "guru's" course that claim the come with "Unlimited Mentorship" - However they found out quickly that all you really got was a private Facebook group to ask your question in, and maybe 1 Group call PER MONTH with all the hundreds of other Students inside the course. NEVER even got (1) 1-ON-1 Call with the Teacher or Mentor.

Helping People is what I honestly LOVE TO DO. Once I became successful I decided I would Mentor just a few Students on the side each month how to start making passive income on Amazon. Teaching You the exact strategies that have led me to make multiple 6-figures per year IN PROFITS from My Amazon Business.

Can You Go At It Alone?

It is possible to go at it alone with no course or mentorship. However, there will be many obstacles, challenges and hardships. You may give-up, or 1 mistake could end up loosing You $2,000-$4,000. Why not invest (4X $350) into getting a Mentor who will be right there by your side helping and teaching you through the whole process of launching your first product?!

A Mentor who's already made all of those mistakes for you and has cracked the code to what it takes to be successful selling on Amazon. 

Amazon FBA can be overwhelming. You don't know where or how to start. How to choose the right product...This is where I come in! We get on weekly Zoom video calls w/ screen sharing where I teach and guide you through EVERYTHING AMAZON FBA!

Still thinking you can start on your own? Who knows, maybe you'll crack the code in a year, 2 or maybe 3 years. 

But most likely it'll never happen... That's because Selling on Amazon has never been more complicated, and there has never been more competition, so having a Mentor right there with you gives you the highest chance possible for success!

What Brian's 

Students Are Saying:


Rima M.

-Student, Amazon Seller, -U.K.

I’m one of his current students. Before I started with him, I had so many things I was unsure of. I’m naturally a really skeptical person so I wanted to see real figures, I asked him SO MANY questions, and I even spoke with him over the phone. Throughout all that, it was very clear that he’s really experienced in what he does, he’s very very serious about helping people succeed and he’s just an all round good guy.

And boy did I make the right decision!! There have been multiple times where he’s steered me in the right direction and saved me from making a mistake but also taught me a lot of knowledge and tips.

Travis R.

-Student, Amazon Seller, -USA.

It feels great knowing that I’ve made the absolute right decision for me, and that I’m not starting this amazon journey alone, I’ve got a knowledgeable and kind person right behind me when needed!


Meet Brian Noonan, a Trailblazing Entrepreneur and Mentor. With over 12 successful product launches and 4 registered brands under his belt, Brian is a proven expert in the world of online businesses. He has mentored over 300 students to success on Amazon and is dedicated to helping others achieve their goals.

Brian's journey is truly inspiring. A recovered drug addict, he knows what it takes to overcome adversity and turn your life around. He has been clean for over 8 years and uses his personal experiences to help others overcome their challenges.

Brian's passion is helping and teaching people. He is committed to providing value to his community and invests time in creating free content to educate and inspire others. And when you join his mentorship program, you'll experience his unique approach firsthand. With Brian, you'll get personalized 1-on-1 support, tailored to your needs and goals.

Starting with just $2,600, Brian knows what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck and takes his students' success seriously. With Brian as your mentor, you'll have the guidance and support you need to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a reality!



All The Help You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

This is a complete A-Z Amazon FBA Mentorship Program that will get you to
making your first  $10K-$30K on Amazon in as little as
30 days to 6 Months.


Everything You Get As Part Of The Mentorship Program


✔️ (6) Zoom Video Calls With Brian. 1X Per Week for 6-Weeks ($897 Value)

✔️ 12+ Hours Of Step-By-Step Video Coaching ($1,997 Value)

✔️  Unlimited Mentorship via Email, Messenger, Text from Brian for 45 days ($997 Value)

✔️  Exclusive Checklists, Templates, Funnels, Scripts and More! ($297 Value)

✔️ BONUS 1: Product Ideas! Brian Shares His Best Product Ideas With You! ($997 Value) 

✔️ BONUS 2: The Amazon 4 All Product Research Course ($297 Value)

✔️ BONUS 3: Facebook Ads & Influencer Marketing Module ($598 Value) 



Pricing Options


$15,000 + Inventory

OR 4X $3,750

✔️ I personally start, grow, and scale an Amazon Business for You! Doing all the heavy lifting of launching a product(s).

✔️ I start a Brand for You: One you can sell off in a couple years for 20X-50X your initial investment!

✔️ I help grow your Brand into making monthly cash flow and passive income.

✔️ Dedicated Support and Step-By-Step Coaching Included.

✔️ I do all the work so you can focus on doing what you want, not tied down spending hours per week building the Business.



4X $350

OR $1,397

  • (6) 1-On-1 Zoom Video Calls With Brian. Every Week for 6 weeks!
  • 12+ Hours Of Exclusive Coaching Videos
  • Done-For-You Checklists, Templates, Funnels, Ads, Etc.
  • 45-Days Of 1-ON-1 Coaching Included



OR 4X $500

  • (8) 1-ON-1 Zoom Video Calls with Brian.

  • (1-2) Zoom Calls Every Week For 8 Weeks!

  • 2X More Calls Than the 6-Week Mentorship

  • Brian Noonan's Video Training Course 2.0

  • Unlimited Communication w/ Brian via Email, Messenger, Text and Phone for 8-weeks.

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We want every single student to be happy and satisfied with their decision. So you get a 14 day period where you can get a full refund as long as you access less than 30% of the program.

Brian goes out on a limb and makes guarantees like this because He knows His systems work. So why not try it out. Worst case, you don't see the value and we refund you 100% of your money back. Best case, you change your business and life forever.

Brian Noonan